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Turnkey BrewVo Systems®

We configure, construct, install, and support turnkey BrewVo® systems for breweries of all sizes. No modifications to primary brewery infrastructure is required. The equipment occupies a very small footprint, and is designed to be used with the existing brewing equipment already in place. Fully automated controls make operating the equipment a simple process. For most breweries the system can be constructed on wheels for easy access and mobility about the brewery.
System includes
  • Core BrewVo® unit
  • Supplemental pumps, filters, control sensors
  • Supplemental hop processing equipment (if necessary)
  • BIB (Beer In Bag) filling equipment
System does not include
  • Any minor modifications required to tanks/connectors (Fermenters, transfer lines, etc.)
  • Any necessary configurations to brewery utility access (i.e. 3 phase power supply, glycol supply, water connections, etc.)
Our Commitment

We will work with you to select the required capacity and configuration of the BrewVo® unit based upon your designated brewing equipment and production beer volumes.

While your system is being designed/constructed, we will coordinate with you to produce several of your beers for you in our brewery, so you can quickly begin your expansion to this growing market.

When your system is ready, we will deliver it and support your integration with technical support both on and off premise while you brew your first several batches.


BrewVo® technology is made available to brewers through licensing agreements

Equipment is available through direct sale, lease, and other financing options. Actual costs depend upon expected scale of operations and extent of licensing agreements.

Please contact us to learn more about
our turnkey BrewVo® systems.