How It Works

  • Using BrewVo® technology, breweries produce a Multi-Brewed beer called NexDraft
  • NexDraft is shipped at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of a keg
  • Bars and restaurants serve up to 6 NexDraft beers in the space of a single keg
  • Consumers get more selection, fresher beer, and the satisfaction of supporting the most environmentally responsible beer on earth.

Support Systems

A top to bottom solution for your needs

BrewVo® Systems

Providing complete systems and support

Dispensing Systems

Increase your tap handles

Canning and Bottling

87% reduction in shipping and import tax

Key Industry Impacts - Optimal

Massive benefits are realized across value chain (Brewers, Distributors, Point of Sale, Consumers)

Reduction in shipping costs

Reduction in energy costs

Reduction in water usage (at brewery)

Increase in production capacity

Reduction in import tax

Increase in brand density of draft beer in bars